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As Creative Director at Nomad, I directed the industrial design, fit and finish of the Titanium Pen. I envisioned creating the perfect desk pen that not only looked like a true work of art, but also inspired confidence held. One of the key elements I focused on was designing thoughtfully positioned grooves along the edges of the pen to enhance grip and provide a comfortable writing experience.

The Nomad Titanium Pen is machined from solid titanium, giving it a substantial, but lightweight feel in the hand. Its PVD coating provides abrasion and corrosion resistance, ensuring its longevity and maintaining its sleek appearance. The pen features a satisfying click-button mechanism, providing a tactile experience with each use.

At the heart of the Titanium Pen lies a reliable Schmidt® P900 ink cartridge, known for its smooth glide over paper and precise, clean writing. The P900 ink cartridge is also designed not to dry out when left open, providing a hassle-free user experience.

The pen's body is constructed from Grade 2 titanium, known for its strength and light weight. A stonewash finish gives the Titanium Pen a sophisticated look, while the PVD coating enhances its durability. The pen's dimensions are carefully calibrated, with a length of 134.5mm, thickness of 8.7mm at the grips, and a maximum thickness of 9.8mm. Weighing in at just 32g, the Titanium Pen is a balance of robustness and comfort, making writing a pleasure.

In designing the Titanium Pen, I aimed to blend functionality with elegance, creating a pen that is not only a writing instrument but also a statement of style. The end result is a pen that provides a smooth, controlled writing experience, inspires confidence with each use, and stands as a true work of art on any desk.

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Release Date: August 2022

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden