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As Creative Director at Nomad, my vision for the Stand One was to blend high-end aesthetics with practical functionality. The project started with a simple objective: create a wireless charger that not only performs exceptionally, but looks great while doing so.

Stand One, unlike many of its counterparts on the market, is more than just a charging tool; it's a statement piece, carefully crafted to complement any space. Employing official MagSafe technology, it delivers fast charging up to 15W, reducing charging times significantly and freeing users to spend more time doing what they love.

Material selection played a crucial role in the Stand One's design process. The body of the charger is a solid block of metal, providing much-needed weight to ensure stability. A glossy, CNC-machined glass plate adorns the heavy base, adding a touch of elegance to the robust structure. The result is a premium charging stand that not only looks and feels nice, but also stays anchored to your table when you're ready to grab your device and go.

One of the Stand One's standout features is its perfect 21º viewing angle, which effortlessly accommodates both horizontal and vertical orientations. Whether you're catching up on your favorite show or taking a video call, the Stand One ensures your device stays in an ideal position. Moreover, the elevated MagSafe charging puck allows for an easy pickup - just tilt your device slightly and it lifts right off without sliding the stand around.

Although the Stand One is a premium product with a higher price point than some other chargers, the focus was on delivering a top-tier user experience. The response from the market affirmed the approach - the Stand One has been recognized for its striking design, high-quality materials, and seamless function, demonstrating that attention to detail and a commitment to quality truly do make a difference.

In the realm of wireless chargers, the Stand One stands alone - not just as a device, but as an experience.

Website Link: Stand One
Release Date: March 2023

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden