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Sport Band for Apple Watch

As Creative Director at Nomad, I was at the helm of the industrial design process for the Sport Band for Apple Watch, steering it to become one of our most recognized and popular products to date. The goal was simple yet ambitious: to create an athletic band that not only fulfills its functional purpose, but also adds a modern, sleek aesthetic to the Apple Watch.

Constructed from FKM fluoroelastomer rubber, the Sport Band is 100% waterproof, making it the perfect companion for intense workouts or a rainy day out. Its lightweight design, coupled with interior ventilation channels, ensures all-day comfort and breathability. Designed for Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8, 7, 6, SE, and all previous versions, the Sport Band is truly versatile.

The band's design is centered around minimalism. We deliberately designed it to be lightweight, yet durable, with increased breathability and flexibility thanks to the channels in the bottom of the band and full-length adjustment holes. This approach results in a band that's ready for a workout anytime and anywhere.

One of the defining features of the Sport Band is its custom-designed pin-and-tuck closure mechanism. The aluminum pin securely latches through the band, while the tail end is neatly tucked away against your wrist. This mechanism is not just slim and secure; it's a testament to the attention to detail we put into every aspect of the product.

Sport Band stands out for its high performance, owed in large part to the use of compression-molded FKM. This material was chosen for its perfect balance between comfort and durability. Its natural flexibility allows the band to contour easily around your wrist, and its resistance to oils means it can quickly be wiped clean after a workout.

We've paired performance with bold design to make the Sport Band truly unique. The black FKM band is finished with a subtle micro-texture for a classy satin finish, resulting in a sporty yet understated look that's a class apart from other bands.

The Sport Band for Apple Watch has been celebrated for its innovative design and high-performance features, affirming our dedication to quality and the user experience. It's more than just a watch band - it's a testament to the power of thoughtful design.

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Release Date: November 2020

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden