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Rugged Case for iPhone

As Creative Director, the challenge that unfolded was to design a case that merged the protective aspects of rugged phone cases with the minimalistic aesthetics that are synonymous with the Nomad brand. The result of this challenge was the Rugged Case for iPhone - our most protective case that maintains the sleek design our customers love.

The Rugged Case for iPhone is a testament to how innovation can redefine the expectations of a product. This case, while providing unprecedented protection for your iPhone, does not compromise on elegance. Crafted with a durable polycarbonate frame and fortified TPU corner bumpers, this case offers surprising 15-foot drop protection. Yet, it manages to feel light in hand, maintaining a slender profile that complements the iPhone's design.

What sets our Rugged Case apart from conventional rugged cases is its modern design. Raised corner bumpers protect the iPhone's camera and allow it to lay flat on any surface. The matte PET backplate not only feels smooth in hand but is also extremely durable and ready for whatever you throw at it. The polycarbonate power button is textured for easy gripping, further enhancing the user experience.

However, the Rugged Case is not just about protection and aesthetics. Its compatibility with MagSafe and wireless charging offers convenience at your fingertips. It is built with an integrated array of ultra-thin Nickel-plated Neodymium magnets to maximize MagSafe functionality and facilitate fast charging.

In essence, Rugged Case for iPhone is more than just a protective cover - it's a fusion of rugged protection and refined design. It's a testament to how a product can be both robust and minimalistic, challenging the norms of what a rugged case can be.

Website Link: Rugged Case
Release Date: September 2022

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden