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Base One Max

As Creative Director on this project, I played a pivotal role in both the design and material selection of the product. Base One Max, a MagSafe charger, is crafted with a solid zinc base for added weight and stability, topped with a precision CNC'd glass plate. These materials were carefully chosen to ensure that the product not only functions optimally but also complements any space with its sleek and stylish design.

Incorporating official MagSafe technology, Base One Max delivers 15W of power, making it capable of charging devices up to twice as fast as standard wireless chargers. The product also features an integrated Apple Watch charger with a soft touch charging base, enhancing user convenience by enabling Nightstand Mode for easy time-checking at bedside or desk​.

One of the standout features of Base One Max is its weighted design. Weighing 2 pounds (900g), it stays firmly anchored to its surface, allowing for easy device pickup. This attention to detail in design, combined with an elevated MagSafe charging puck, results in a seamless user experience.

The Base One Max project underscores my commitment to constant learning and the pursuit of quality in my work. It is a testament to my vision and dedication to creating high-quality, well-designed products, and it exemplifies my hands-on approach to product design, from the selection of materials and form to the feasibility of manufacturing and marketing. It's a true reflection of my passion for bringing new ideas to life.

Website Link: Base One Max
Release Date: May 2022

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden

© 2023 Nick Walden